Development of advertising light boxes


The origin of advertising light boxes can be traced back to the 1970s, early in North America, and later in Europe.

Compared with North America and Europe, China's light box industry started late, and it is still an emerging industry. However, China’s light box industry has developed rapidly, especially from the late 1990s to the present. With the rapid development of domestic machines, Chinese light box industry has entered a period of rapid development. China has also become one of the important production bases of light boxes in the world.

The initial advertisements were all displayed in the form of hand-painted pictures on flags, signboards, walls, street signs, and shop windows. From the initial text display, to adding painting elements to add color to attract people's attention.

Later, in the 1930s, the signs of stores and the windows of stores began to combine sound, light, and electrical effects, using static light boxes, crystal light boxes, blister light boxes, etc., and began to add lighting effects to make the screen light up.

Later, with the advancement of technology, outdoor advertisements such as neon lights, scrolling light boxes, and three-sided flipping appeared on the streets, coupled with various screen materials and timing-controlled lighting devices, and technically realized a "Great Leap Forward". The way is more diversified, and the form of expression has also been greatly improved. In the evening, the colorful neon lights make the city extra beautiful.

Later, as the industry continued to develop, LED technology made a leap and breakthrough, and large-scale digital outdoor advertisements such as LED large screens, outdoor high-definition, and LCD video entered people's horizons. Color and agility give people a strong visual impact Convenience store light box—Now, dynamic light box and 3D projection technology will be introduced and promoted, and the picture will no longer be a single static state. The continuous flashing and staying of the LED dynamic light box can effectively improve people's visual impact and increase the utilization rate of advertising unit area. The advertising effect is self-evident. It can flash continuously during the day and night, and the combination of movement and static attracts people's attention. Various words and patterns jump in an orderly manner and alternately reflect the strong visual impact, satisfying the visual sense of the viewer.

Post time: Dec-17-2020