How to maintenance ultra-thin light box ?

For ultra-thin light box maintenance, light box maintenance is mainly to let the light box appearance clean, beautiful, and internal maintenance, is the maintenance of the internal structure, keep the internal circuit and device not destroyed, or found damaged place repair in time. From this point of view, the maintenance of ultra-thin light box is also worth our in-depth study.






Article in ultra-thin light boxes, led lamp is the main part, it must be dry and ventilated environment, so as to ensure work at ordinary times, led lights also have certain requirements for the working environment, in a certain range, and humidity control in 80 or so, can’t let it be affected with damp be affected with damp corrosion, if you use a light box area is cold, So for the packaging of the light box is very high requirements, which should take into account the environmental factors of the light box, and the outdoor use of the light box should also pay attention to its waterproof performance, in the installation of good protective measures, you can increase the use of the light box time.

Post time: Aug-16-2022