Introduction of the Future Development Prospects of Acrylic Light Boxes

The blister light box is the signboard and logo of the store, representing its own image. Therefore, the design will highlight the advantages of the store itself. The function of the facade light box is the light box advertisement, and the novel and unique light box advertisement can attract more people to patronize. The production of acrylic light boxes should be customized according to the overall scale of the store and the interior decoration business items.


Blister light boxes should be made of light boxes with high brightness, waterproof, windproof and durable. The sign fonts of the light box such as plastic luminous characters, LED luminous characters, acrylic characters, resin characters, flat acrylic characters, all-body luminous characters, stainless steel characters, etc. are all good choices. Acrylic light boxes are a very good choice for facade light boxes. It is energy-saving and durable, occupies a small space, and has a clear picture, which attracts people's attention.

The flashing bright advertising display makes the acrylic light box bring great publicity to the store. The exquisite light box design also brings people a pleasant enjoyment, and at the same time allows people to easily remember the items operated by the store, and will naturally think of finding the door when they need it.

The technical development direction of the blister light box: energy saving, environmental protection and green. The most energy-saving and environmentally friendly light box will represent the mainstream of future development. If solar power is used in the light guide plate and LED technology, it will no longer rely on the traditional supply system and call itself a system. Energy-saving, free of cables and wires construction, reducing the damage caused by man-made rings. And solar energy is absolutely safe, will not cause electric leakage or electric shock accidents, greatly reducing operating risks and safety hazards. Solar energy is a green and environmentally friendly renewable resource, in line with national emission reduction policies, and is the trend of the times. It is believed that the application of solar energy technology will provide a bright prospect for the development of the acrylic light box industry.

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Post time: Dec-17-2020